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Make process docs easy to view on all devices

The fewer steps to view your docs, the better your adoption will be.
Micah Johnson

The Problem

Just like building a bookcase from Ikea, the last thing your team wants to do is look at the instructions.

Any additional steps you require for them to view your process docs will only give them more reason not to use them.

What You Need

You’re looking for the ability to build a single process doc that works instantly on any device without requiring the user to jump through hoops to view it.

Before you decide on an SOP or training doc software, make sure you understand how it works from a user’s perspective on phones, tablets, and desktop devices.

If you have teams in the field, make sure you can leverage QR codes or simple links to make it easy for your team to instantly get the information they need.

How We Tackled the Problem

When we built Arvo, making our docs accessible on any screen size was one of our core design principles.

We crafted responsiveness into every aspect of our document builder so that when you’re creating process and training docs, you don’t need to worry about structure, design, or coding.

No matter what you put into your Arvo docs, it will look great on every device instantly. You can access docs through QR codes, links, or even embed them into external platforms where the work is getting done.

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