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Best-in-class tools for creating assets in SOPs and Process Docs

The list of our favorite tools we use in nearly every process doc.
Micah Johnson

SaaS tools are best when they focus on doing one thing really well. Rather than try to make diagrams, videos, images, forms, etc., in one tool, here’s a list of the platforms we use to create the powerful assets that go into our process docs.


  1. Lucid — if you like your lines straight and shapes aligned. This tool is for you.
  2. Miro — if you prefer a more chaotic-but-cool approach to diagrams and whiteboards, Miro’s your app.


  1. JotForm — a solid form-builder with all the features you need.
  2. Google Forms — a simple form-builder with most of the features you need.
  3. ClickUp Forms — a great alternative, especially if you’re already using ClickUp.


  1. Loom — a great solution for recording and narrating workflows.
  2. Vimeo — a beautiful video player that doesn’t make suggestions for other videos when you reach the end.
  3. YouTube — an easy alternative, although seeing their suggestions at the end of your videos can be frustrating.


  1. Giphy — spruce up your process docs with a funny GIF.
  2. Canva — add design elements and infographics with Canva.
  3. Midjourney — let our AI overlords decide what images should appear in your docs.

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