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25 Tips for Writing Great Process Docs

Implement these tips within your SOPs, how-tos, and process docs to improve adoption.
Micah Johnson

25 Tips for Writing Process Docs, SOPs, and How-to Guides

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  1. Keep things simple — most people make things too complicated.
  2. Make them visual — nobody wants to read text.
  3. Start with the basics — a title, description, and video is all you need.
  4. Prioritize and ship — focus on what moves the needle the most first.
  5. Establish an “ask the KB” policy — this saves everyone a headache.
  6. Use templates — don’t reinvent the wheel.
  7. Stop bottlenecking the process — don’t do everything yourself.
  8. Use (a lot) less words — refine your brain dumps.
  9. Make them easy to find — stop using folders; use libraries instead.
  10. Leverage existing assets — don’t recreate; repurpose.
  11. Use the best tools — hint: it’s not Google Docs.
  12. Ensure they look good on all devices — this should be automatic.
  13. Embed into existing workflows — embed inside the workflow.
  14. Empower your team to create — create a culture of documentation.
  15. Create a source of truth — versions are your enemy.
  16. Professional docs are better — design matters.
  17. Provide quick reference guides — nobody remembers everything.
  18. Make them engaging — people don’t have attention spans.
  19. Limit access — stop overwhelming people with info.
  20. Iterate — your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect.
  21. Use bite-size pieces — make it easy for everyone.
  22. Create reusable resources — don’t repeat yourself.
  23. Capture knowledge from key team members — no time like the present.
  24. Get feedback — be open to improvement.
  25. Write subtractively — start with a lot and subtract as much as possible.

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