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Create Winning Process Docs: Start with the Minimal

Add only answers to current questions, don’t predict the questions that haven’t yet been asked.
Micah Johnson

In this Series…

I’m covering the 25 best ways to start documenting your systems and processes in a way that your team will love so your business can grow and scale.

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Step 3: Start with the Minimal

Back in the 80s and 90s, the CIA had a top-secret program that researched mind-reading…

But, the chances of you being part of that program is pretty minuscule, so instead of trying to predict future events, focus your process docs on the present. 😂

This step is simple.

Stop worrying about all the questions that might be asked about a process.

Only answer the ones that are currently being asked.

If no questions are asked at the moment, then simply focus on creating clear step-by-step instructions on the procedure you want people to follow.

You can always add more.

It can feel counterintuitive to only publish the bare minimum. But think about it this way…

  1. You likely have MANY process docs to write, so the faster you can get them in front of your team, the better.
  2. If you predict the questions incorrectly, you have wasted precious time.
  3. With the right tools, you can easily edit existing process docs and not worry about the “old versions” sticking around and confusing matters.

Pretend your process doc is a startup…

Just like any responsible startup founder, you will want to get your product in front of potential customers as quickly as possible to get feedback and improve it to provide maximum value. Your process docs are no different.

The startups that build and build and build and never release or show anyone their product do not survive. They design in a vacuum, wasting precious resources while patting themselves on the back. However, when they do release, they get a big shock when nobody wants to use their product.


  • Start with a process doc MVP
  • Answer only the questions that have already been asked
  • Improve your documents over time

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