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Now Introducing: Autosave!

Another week, and another cool new feature designed to enhance your Arvo Experience! Ever created a text-heavy component page and lost it all due to not saving? Or how about an entire playbook? Yeah, us too! The worst is when you’re on a roll creating a playbook, you forget to save every few minutes, and your computer dies. You asked – and we listened! This new feature is a direct result of feedback from our customers.

Autosave templates or playbooks.

Arvo now has the power to automatically save your progress! You no longer have to worry about remembering to hit “save” when creating your playbooks. Simply build your playbooks as normal, and Arvo will autosave your work as you make changes. Now, you can click even less and shift your focus to that amazing documentation you’re creating, saving you even more time than before! šŸ¤©
Note: You can still manually select “save” if you choose.

If you need help building your documentation or want to strengthen your process documentation, take a look at this list of ourĀ favorite tools! We use a mix of these for every SOP (standard operating process) we build.

Do you have new feature ideas that could transform your Arvo Experience?
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If you need help creating documentation, we can help!Ā Schedule a time to talk to one of our team members so we can help you create stellar playbooks for your company. Send us a message atĀ [email protected]Ā or use the chat feature on ourĀ website.

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