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Arvo Latest Features & Updates 1.5.1

New multi-user access, team request feature, and a page rating widget!
Alane Boyd

Another week, and another three cool new features designed to enhance your Arvo Experience! You asked - and we listened! These new features are a direct result of feedback from our customers.

New multi-user access, team request feature, and a page rating widget!

Multi-user access. Manage multiple Arvo accounts!

Now, users are able to create and easily switch between one or more accounts from a single profile. This new feature is perfect if you want to create and manage multiple client Arvo accounts. See how it works below:

Team Request feature.

Not sure which team member to reach out to? Now you can use the new Team Request feature to ask questions to an entire team rather than an individual. Here's how it works:

  1. Simply start by adding a team to Arvo...
  1. Choose the team to whom you’d like to direct your question. **Note: this will send the request to everyone on that team.

Page Rating Widget.

Have you ever read through a playbook and thought, "Oh man, I have such a great idea to improve this!" Now, as long as the page rating widget is activated by the playbook author, viewers can provide feedback directly on the playbook pages. Wow, what a game-changer! 👏 See how it works:

  1. Page rating widget is activated

2. Viewers leave feedback on playbook pages

3. Authors can observe feedback and improve playbook pages each time they're viewed. You know what they say... teamwork makes the dream work 🤩

Do you have new feature ideas that could transform your Arvo Experience?

We'd love to hear them! Just submit a request!

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