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Arvo Latest Features & Updates 1.4

Arvo 1.4 is packed with a ton of cool, new features and we made some major improvements! Here are our recent updates that we’re especially excited about
Alane Boyd

Arvo 1.4 is packed with a ton of cool, new features and we made some major improvements! Here are our recent updates that we’re especially excited about👇

Latest Updates

Consider your playbook separated and organized! You can visually break up your playbook using the new divider component. Now, go divide and conquer!

Find your favorite playbooks and navigate your libraries easily with the new horizontal scrolling feature. Simply click and browse away!

The old buttons in the step-by-step component functioned well, but we've made them even better by streamlining the user experience! The previous and next buttons are now located above the step banner, with reduced colors, and no words. Plus, they will always be in the same place and won't cycle in with each new step.

Playbooks can be added to one or more libraries, and you can use one or more libraries to organize your playbooks. Oh my, what a revelation!

Easily find your most-loved playbooks with our new favorites section! Simply choose your favorite playbooks and click on the ⭐ in the top-right corner of the playbook cover. They'll automatically be moved to your favorites section!

When you add our new "Last Modified Date" component to your playbook, it auto-populates making it easy to track when you've last updated your processes as well as who you should direct your questions regarding those processes. "Who did this?" and "When was this last updated?" won't be questions you have to ask anymore!

Check out our beautiful new design for publicly shared playbook links 🤩

Previously, you had to go back to the list of playbook pages to find the copy link button. We've eliminated a step -- you can now find that share link at the top of any page you are currently editing!

If you have multiple step-by-steps, scenarios, or rich text editor components on a single page, it can get confusing while you are editing! You no longer need to scroll down to see which is which while rearranging the order. With this update, users can now rename all components on a per-page basis.

All of the other components were allowed to have a title, so we didn't want to leave this one out. You can now title the "Embed Website" component which makes it easy to showcase your really cool site. 😉

Speed & Performance Improvements

Arvo now runs faster! We're focused on speed and releasing new optimizations every week in our efforts to continue making Arvo the fastest it can be! ⚡

Do you have new feature ideas that would make it easier for you to use it in your business? We'd love to hear it. Submit a request!

Want to see how it can be used in your business? Schedule a call with our product specialist, Emily LaRue.

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