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Arvo Updates

Arvo Latest Features & Updates 1.7

Another week, and another five cool new features designed to enhance your Arvo Experience! You asked – and we listened! These new features are a direct result of feedback from our customers.

Re-order steps in any component and copy playbooks & libraries between accounts!

Re-order Steps Within Any Component.
Previously, you were only able to re-order in the Step-By-Step component. Now, re-order any component that contains steps in real-time! Wow, what a game-changer! 👏
Copy Playbooks & Libraries Between Accounts.
We recently added the ability for users to switch between one or more accounts from a single profile. Now, you are able to copy, or move, playbooks and libraries between those accounts. This makes it so much easier when managing multiple accounts! 🤩
If you’ve thought about becoming an Arvo Reseller, this is your chance to make life-changing playbooks for your clients and make it easy for yourself!

How to move playbooks:

How to move libraries:

New user roles, expandable images, and optional clock icon!

New User Roles.
Previously, there were options for Readers, Editor, and Admin, but there were no details of user permissions. With our new user roles, it’s easy to know what you’re granting access to when you add a new user!
How to access: Profile (top right corner) > Account Settings > Add new user
Expandable Images.
Have you ever read through a playbook and thought, “Oh man, I wish I could see this image a little better!” You strain your eyes enough… simply click on the image to expand it. No more squinting! 👏
Optional Clock Icon.
Previously, when you used the Playbook Summary component, the clock icon was always present. The clock icon is now optional — as the playbook summary doesn’t always need to include a time. 🎉
Do you have new feature ideas that could transform your Arvo Experience?
We’d love to hear them! Just submit a request!
Want to discuss how Arvo can help transform your business? Schedule a call with our product specialist, Emily LaRue.

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