Version Control

Version control is the process of tracking and managing changes to files or documents. It is often an issue in company documentation and employee knowledge bases, where different versions or previous versions of a document are outdated which causes confusion between employees and teams in an organization.

How do you use Version Control in a company?

Bree was the Director of Design for her company which had eighty locations around the country and almost one thousand employees. Creating how-tos and training was important to the company, so she and her team were in the process of taking the raw documentation from the managers in the company and creating nicely formatted documents. They would then save the files to their internal filing system that could be accessed by anyone in the company. Although everything her team created was beautiful, over time they recognized a key issue with PDFs. Which version is the most recent version with the most up-to-date information? Bree and her team immediately started looking at ways to overcome the version control issues they were having but also reduce the amount of time needed to design the training assets. Bree and her team started using Arvo to create all of the how-tos that came across her team. Playbooks in Arvo could be updated anytime there was a change without having to share a new link so there was never an issue of them being outdated. Arvo also has a component that automatically tracks the last time the playbook was edited. Within weeks of using Arvo, Bree’s team trained the other managers in the company on how to use Arvo. The managers could now create beautifully designed playbooks without having to send them to Bree’s team. There was no longer a bottleneck to getting company documentation done and employees always had access to the most recent versions.

See an Example Arvo Playbook
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