Quick Authoring Tool

A quick authoring tool is a type of software that allows users to create instructional or educational content quickly and easily. Quick authoring tools often have features that allow users to create content without needing to have any prior design or development experience.

How do you use Quick Authoring Tools in a company?

Wendy loves using Arvo to create new employee training for her team! Her favorite part is that playbooks are fully-interactive, and she can build them with no design skills necessary. She had tried clunky Learning Management Systems (LMS) and PDFs but it was cumbersome for her to write and edit. It could take days or weeks trying to get one process documented. By using Arvo playbooks, she has been able to quickly get processes out of her head and create all types of how-tos and training content for her team!

See an Example Arvo Playbook
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