Microlearning is a type of learning that is delivered in short, bite-sized pieces. It is often used in online or digital learning contexts, where it can be used to deliver content in a more manageable and digestible format.

How do you use Microlearning in a company?

Monte’s onboarding process included a 20-page typed document containing all of the information an employee would need to start the job. But he noticed he was still getting the same questions weeks after they went through their onboarding process. Frustrated but wanting to figure out a solution, he tried Arvo to turn that boring text document into multiple interactive pages that he could send a day at a time. He received feedback from new employees that it made it so much easier to retain all of the information! While the feedback was positive, the true victory was that he stopped getting questions on how to do things and instead noticed employees were remembering what they learned and could easily search it in Arvo if they needed a refresher in the future.

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