Bite-size Learning

Bite-size learning is a type of learning that is designed to be easily digestible. It is usually presented in a short, concise format that can be quickly consumed. This type of learning is often used in training or development situations, where learners may not have a lot of time to dedicate to learning.

How do you use Bite-size Learning in a company?

Aaron builds training for employees on new systems at his company. He knows it can be overwhelming for people to have to consume large amounts of information all at once so he uses Arvo playbooks to create bize-sized learning. It also helps team members throughout the company to only have to allot a little bit of time each day to training rather than full-day training blocks. Each playbook builds on each other and playbooks can be searched by employees anytime as a quick reference when they need to know how to do something. This guarantees that employees can find exactly what they need quickly.

See an Example Arvo Playbook
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