Process Document

A process document is a type of document that describes a process. It can be used to document how a process is done or to describe the steps in a process. Process documents are often used in business or technical contexts, where they can be used to improve or standardize processes.

How do you use Process Documents in a company?

Taylor needs to find a better way for her team to document processes to ensure that all steps are consistently included. By using Arvo, she creates a template for standard processes and includes a Smart Component for all of the information that should be included each time documentation is created. She uses the Embed Website component often to embed flow charts from Miro and Lucid Chart to give a high-level of how a process works. Then she uses the Step by Step component to walk through each piece of information in a process. Taylor’s team is now finishing processes nearly perfectly every time and without having to bother Taylor with questions.

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