Operations are activities an organization undertakes to produce goods or services. Operations are typically the processes and workflows to get the job done. Operations can be manually done by people but operations can also be done by automation, software, and equipment. All departments in an organization have operations and can be looked at as a way to help companies run smoothly and as a well-oiled machine.

What do operations look like in a company?

Peter was brought on as the company’s COO. The company had spent a majority of its efforts in sales and marketing and little time on operations. The company’s culture had begun to suffer as it continued growing. An operation change became apparent after they realized they had high employee turnover, client churn, and complete chaos in the workplace. Peter’s first operations objective was to begin documenting employee knowledge in Arvo so anyone could have access to how to get the job done. Having a company knowledge base transformed the company from working in silos and vacuums to collaborating on how to improve the jobs they were doing. Thanks to Arvo, they now had a shared place they could access how to do things!

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