Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is the process of moving knowledge from one person or group to another. It can be used to help new employees or students learn about an organization and its culture.

How do you manage Knowledge Transfer at a company?

Sammi was looking for a way to transfer his knowledge so that he could eventually work fewer hours as the CEO. Getting the information out of his head in a format that other team members could understand was vital for the growth of his company. He started researching and found Arvo. It was a better fit for quickly being able to write how-tos and training with screenshots and short video explanations. He started with the questions he gets most often, then worked on more complex how-tos so he could offload as much work off of him. When his team had a question, he could put together a quick Arvo playbook to answer it instead of repeatedly answering the same questions all the time. He knew these were the right steps to take so the team could eventually run without him.

See an Example Arvo Playbook
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