Collaborative Document

A collaborative document is a document that is created and edited by multiple people. This type of document is often used in business or academic settings, where team members need to be able to work on a document together. Collaborative documents can be stored and accessed online, making it easy for team members to work on them from anywhere.

How do you use a collaborative document in a company?

Madison and Greg are remote employees compiling a client status update for one of their clients. They both had a hand in different parts of the project, but they need to have one single update to present to the client. They used Google docs to compile their ideas and leave comments for each other. After finishing the collaboration in Google docs, they used Arvo to organize both of their updates within a single playbook. Their update transformed from a boring black and white doc to a beautifully designed playbook that looks professional, clean, and can easily be shared with the client. 

See an Example Arvo Playbook
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