Arvo Chosen for LaunchTN's Community Partner Program

Arvo was one of 11 Tennessee companies chosen out of 42 business applicants to receive grant funding from Launch Tennessee’s 2023 Community Partner Grant Program.
Alane Boyd

[Nashville, TN July 1, 2023] - Arvo, Tennessee-based AI SaaS platform for creating standard operating procedures (SOPs), training, and how-tos that are skimmable and well-designed for Millenials and Gen Z, was selected as one of the distinguished participants in Launch Tennessee's first-ever Community Partner Grant Program for the year 2023. Among 42 competitive business applicants, Arvo emerged as one of the 11 fortunate Tennessee companies to receive grant funding, amounting to nearly $70,000. The program, which aimed at bolstering entrepreneurial opportunities across the state, has enabled Arvo to create a free business resource center: the Tennessee Entrepreneur Library.

The Tennessee Entrepreneur Library boasts 45+ editable business templates and resources that span a wide range of topics and industries, from internal how-to guides to employee handbooks to sales proposals, empowering entrepreneurs throughout the state to overcome challenges and foster growth. With the funding received through LaunchTN's initiative, Arvo has been able to make this resource accessible to the public for free.

The free TN Entrepreneur Library of resources and templates created by Arvo with the support from LaunchTN's Community Partner Program (CPP)

Here are a few of the most popular playbooks:

Entrepreneurs can now create their own Arvo account at no cost,  with the ability to edit and store up to 25 playbook pages (Arvo documents) from the resource library. The playbooks are easily shareable externally, allowing entrepreneurs to collaborate seamlessly and exchange insights and knowledge within their professional circles.

“When we found out we were one of the eleven companies selected, we were ecstatic! It is one thing to think your idea and proposal is great but another when others also see it. These funds from LaunchTN gave us the resources to be able to build the templates we always had in mind for Arvo.” - Alane Boyd, Co-Founder of Arvo

In the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, Arvo partnered with other recipients of the CPP and co-created resources with them, such as the Small Business Loan FAQ by Pathway Lending

“We saw the list of amazing businesses that also received grants funds from LaunchTN and we thought this was a great opportunity to work together and reach more of the TN entrepreneurs. It is always more fun when you get to work together and bring each other up.” - Alane Boyd, Co-Founder of Arvo

In addition to creating the TN resource library, Boyd and her team conducted two workshops titled "How to take advantage of Tennessee's free business templates for entrepreneurs." These informative sessions aimed to guide entrepreneurs on accessing and effectively utilizing the wide range of free templates offered by the Tennessee Entrepreneur Library. An overwhelming response was received, with more than 20 counties represented by entrepreneurs from various corners of the state registering for the workshops. You can find the recording of the workshop, as well as additional resources here.

Two workshops hosted by the creators of the TN Entrepreneur Library, Arvo, with support from LaunchTN's Community Partner Program (CPP)

“Not only am I using the templates in the TN Entrepreneur library but I’m referring business owners I know to it. It has also be extremely useful for the non-profits I work with. We can rip out a sponsorship page in minutes. It is saving me so much time.” -- Kathryn

In addition to its core contributions, Arvo's parent company, BGBO Co, played an integral role in supporting the growth of Tennessee's entrepreneurial ecosystem. BGBO Co hosted two webinars focused on "How to use AI and automation to scale your business." These webinars were tailored to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding needed to leverage AI and automation for optimizing critical business processes, such as employee onboarding, report generation, and streamlining sales cycles.

Two workshops hosted by Arvo's parent company, BGBO Co, on utilizing AI and Automation in business.

“I learned so much from the AI & Automation webinar. I had no idea how much can be automated in a business.” -- Leah

Arvo's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation in Tennessee aligns seamlessly with LaunchTN’s vision for the community. The recognition of Arvo's efforts through the Community Partner Program grant signifies its dedication to empowering the entrepreneurial landscape across the state.

About Arvo:

Arvo is visual documentation software for building a knowledge suite for every department in a company. It is like Canva for documentation. Arvo connects all employees, whether remote, hybrid, or in-office, so everyone can easily access the resources they need, instantly. Whether building visual recruiting assets for HR, creating how-tos for onboarding employees and upskilling current ones, or sending professional documents to clients, Arvo is changing how companies operate. 

About LaunchTN:

LaunchTN is a public-private partnership that supports entrepreneurship and economic development with a goal to make Tennessee the best state in the country for startups. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit we are uniquely positioned to provide direct investment, while also supporting collaboration among founders, investors, researchers, private sector institutions and government. We foster entrepreneurship, technology advancement and workforce development through capital access, commercialization, mentorship, marketing and partnerships.

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