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Embed & present powerful diagrams in your playbooks.

What is Lucidchart?

Lucidchart is an intuitive, cloud-based diagramming solution that provides its users with the tools needed to create beautiful visual representations of their workflows, systems, and organizational structures.

Leveraging Lucidchart with Arvo

When it comes to presenting complex processes or systems, a well-designed diagram can make all the difference in the world. Building out a diagram in Lucidchart is an absolute breeze using its predefined shapes, connectors, and robust editing tools. Using Arvo’s ‘Embed Website’ component and a public link from Lucidchart, you can ramp up retention by embedding your diagrams directly into a playbook page!

Common Uses for Lucidchart:

  • Workflow Visualizations
  • Org Charts
  • System Architectures

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