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Google Sheets

Google Sheets

 + Arvo

Access and edit spreadsheets in Arvo.

What is Google Sheets? 

Google Sheets is a collaborative online spreadsheet program that allows its users to create and edit spreadsheets directly in their web browser.

Leveraging Google Sheets with Arvo

As a part of the Google Suite, Google Sheets makes building and collaborating on spreadsheets a piece of cake. With it's easy-to-use, web-based interface, you can rip out powerful sheets like there's no tomorrow. Need to present a spreadsheet to a client in an update? Publish the spreadsheet, grab the public link, and paste it into Arvo's 'Embed Website' component to showoff your work! If the viewer has edit access in Sheets, they'll even be able to edit the Sheet from inside the playbook!

Common Uses for Google Sheets:

  • Create and Format Spreadsheets
  • Building Budgets
  • Analyze Data using Charts/Graphs

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