A handbook is a type of manual that provides information about a specific topic. It can be used as a reference guide or as a tool for learning. Handbooks are often used in business or academic contexts, where they can provide employees or students with the information they need to perform their jobs or tasks.

How do you use a handbook at a company?

Tina had a 50-page handbook that informed her employees about the equipment she had just bought to make ice cream sandwiches. She used Arvo to turn the handbook into a format that would be easier for her team to follow and find exactly what they need in their moment of need. After reviewing the playbooks she created, her team was able to use the equipment in no time! She even put a QR code on the equipment so her team could access it immediately if they forgot how to do something. The best thing about it is that they could easily search Arvo for specific information if a question ever arose later on.

See an Example Arvo Playbook
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