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Arvo Updates

Arvo Latest Features & Updates 1.2

By November 15th, 2021No Comments

Standardize, document, repeat. This process is easy with Arvo, see for yourself! We’ve created a new free subscription tier for you to test out Arvo before buying! With the free subscription, you get…

  • 5 playbooks with 5 pages per playbook
  • Unlimited creators and viewers

Simply sign up for an Arvo account to automatically be on the free subscription tier. You can upgrade at any time through your Account Settings.

Latest updates…

You never have to worry about two people trying to edit the same playbook at the same time! We’ve been there and we know how stressful it can be. Now there is a warning the pops up if someone is already in there editing! Whew, that’s a relief!


We added an extra layer for grouping playbooks! Now a group of playbooks can be part of a library. The hierarchy is now:

  • Library
  • Playbook
  • Pages

Another way to say it is, you have libraries that are made up of playbooks that are made up of pages. Just think of the possibilities for organizing your SOPs!


Now you can embed videos straight into the step-by-step component instead of adding a separate section for videos. Shorter videos with each step makes it easier for the user when going through the training. Wow, that was easy!


We normally name things by using only titles and subtitles, right? Previously “overline” was referred to as “subtitle,” and “subtitle” was referred to as “text” in this component. Use the overline to introduce a headline, or draw attention to your title.


Do you have new feature ideas that would make it easier for you to use it in your business? We’d love to hear it. Submit a request!

Want to see how it can be used in your business? Schedule a call with our product specialist, Emily LaRue.

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