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Arvo Updates

Arvo Latest Features & Updates 1.1

By November 15th, 2021No Comments

Have you heard about our new software, Arvo? At its core, Arvo is a tool that allows you to quickly get knowledge out of your head and into engaging training resources for your team. With Arvo, you can document every process for every task and job that needs to be done in your business so you can onboard, train, and scale faster. Here’s a playbook that goes into more detail about Arvo’s capabilities.

We’ve added a bunch of cool new features and made some major improvements. Here are our recent updates that we’re especially excited about:


Rich Text Editor button bar is now always visible when scrolling down


Back button added to the step-by-step component


Ability to duplicate playbook pages


Ability to re-order steps at will


Ability to embed websites, Vimeo, and YouTube videos


Do you have new feature ideas that would make it easier for you to use it in your business? We’d love to hear it. Submit a request!

Want to see how it can be used in your business? Schedule a call with our product specialist, Emily LaRue.

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