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Arvo Updates

Arvo Latest Features & Updates 1.3

By November 15th, 2021No Comments

Now Introducing: Arvo Request System

Collaborate more. A Request is a feature in Arvo that allows team members to ask questions and get their requests answered in the form of playbooks.

Follow these steps to submit a request:

1. Type your question

2. Choose a team member to ask

3. Find playbook requests in your inbox

4. Find or create a playbook based on the request

Voila! With the new Arvo Request System, your training materials can develop over time based on the actual needs of the teams.

Do you have new feature ideas that would make it easier for you to use it in your business? We’d love to hear it. Submit a request!

Want to see how it can be used in your business? Schedule a call with our product specialist, Emily LaRue.

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