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By April 21st, 2022No Comments

New feature: copy playbooks and libraries to multiple Arvo accounts

Are you an agency that creates resources for your clients? Having a clear and uniform way to share information and knowledge with your clients is key. Now with Arvo’s new feature, you can easily copy playbooks and libraries between accounts to share your created playbooks with your clients at the click of a button.

Simply create general documentation for your clients one time and share it with every account you manage.

This update allows you to:

  • Copy playbooks and libraries across accounts to save time as you don’t have to create multiple playbooks on the same topic in each account.
  • Transfer your playbooks immediately so that your clients don’t have to wait as long to get them.

Introducing a way to copy playbooks and libraries straight to another account

To gain access to a client’s account, simply create an Arvo account and have your client give you access via email.

Just like that, you can copy playbooks and libraries to other accounts with a simple click. This means that any playbooks you create can easily be copied to any of your client accounts instead of recreating the same playbook in each account! We know, this is a game-changer.

How it works

How to copy playbooks to another account

How to copy libraries to another account


Q: Do you have to duplicate the playbook or library before copying it over to another account, or does a copy stay in the original account?

A: A copy of the playbook or library will remain in the original account, so no need to duplicate it first.

Questions or comments about this new feature release? We’re all ears! Send us a message at [email protected] or use the chat feature on our website!

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